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College of Liberal Arts

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Stephen L. O’Keefe

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Jack E. Yeager

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Elizabeth Boyles

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Leonard J. Deutsch


The purpose of this study was to see if there was an association between the levels of stress in students who were interviewed for a job and their placement status after the job interview. During the spring 2000 semester, 62 students were sent on interviews with public and private agencies/companies for potential placement in cooperative education positions within the agencies/companies. Out of this total population of 62 interviewed, twenty-three were placed in positions (hereafter referred to as “on-placement”) and thirty-nine were not placed (hereafter referred to as “pending-placement"). For this study, the total population of 62 students was divided into 23 on-placement and 39 pending placement. Thus, the dependent variable was the placement status. Using survey research, the study probed the participants to determine their level of vulnerability to health and behavior stressors. The health (i.e., nutrition and diet) stressors and behavior (i.e., emotional and social) stressors were the independent variables. The How Vulnerable Are You To Stress Inventory was administered to the 23 on-placement students, with their approval, at a scheduled workshop during the spring 2000 semester. During the summer of 2000, an e-mail letter was sent to the 39 pending placement students requesting their voluntary participation in the study. Twenty-one of the thirty-nine pending placement students voluntarily stopped by the Cooperative Education office to complete the Inventory. The study found that there was a significant association between the levels of vulnerability to behavior stressors and placement status.


Employment interviewing.

Stress (Psychology) – Testing.