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Curriculum and Instruction


Graduate School of Education and Professional Development

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First Advisor

James Sottile

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Celene Seymour

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Thelma Isaacs


The study examined the placement of faculty on the Continuum of Multicultural Sensitivity at two rural higher education institutions located in the Appalachian region, which includes the states of Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. This placement determined whether there were any significant differences among faculty members based on age, race, gender, income level, educational level, length of time at the institution, length of time in higher education and tenure. By measuring these differences along a continuum, the researcher was able to identify areas where faculty needed to improve their multicultural sensitivity and multicultural responsivity. The continuum allowed higher education institutions to identify areas where multiculturalism and diversity programs needed to be strengthened. Furthermore, the continuum identified faculty’s levels of multicultural sensitivity with regard to multiculturalism. In addition, the placement of the university faculty on the continuum helped the principal investigator and the student investigator to determine what recommendations should be made for other rural higher education institutions to implement new approaches to their multiculturalism and diversity programs. It was important to note that only the general findings were shared with the institution’s Office of Multicultural Affairs. Additionally, it should be noted that the publication of this study would disguise or omit the research site and omit any descriptive passages that would allow the reader to infer the research site from the study.



Universities and colleges - Appalachian Region - Faculty - Attitudes.