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Biological Sciences


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Ralph W. Taylor

Second Advisor

E. Bowie Kahle

Third Advisor

Thomas E. Weaks


A survey of the Unionacea of Twelvepole Creek, West Virginia was conducted coupled with a qualitative study of commensal algae found on selected mussel species. The naiads and the algae were found to have diverse populations. Naiads collected during the survey were represented by 23 species, 16 genera and 2 families. Corbicula fluminea was found to be confined largely to the main branch of Twelvepole, with no individuals being collected from the East or West Forks and only limited collections near the mouth of Beechfork Creek. Lampsilis radiata luteola and L. ventricosa were found to have the greatest distribution, being represented at nearly all of the study sites.

The algae were cultured from shell scrapings of three species of mussels, Lampsilis ventricosa, Quadrula p. pustulosa and Corbicula fluminea. Sixty-seven species of algae were identified. The trophic level was evaluated by using Nygaard's Trophic Indices and indicated an organically enriched stream.

In addition to the mussel survey and algal study, the known fishes of Twelvepole Creek were compared to the mussel species collected. Only Elliptio c. crassidens and Quadrula quadrula were found to occur in areas where their known host fishes have not been collected.


Mussels, Fresh-water - West Virginia.

Algae - West Virginia - Research.