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Biological Sciences


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Thomas K. Pauley

Second Advisor

Dan K. Evans

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Patrick D. Keyser


Seventeen timber rattlesnakes were surgically implanted with radio transmitters and subsequently radio-tracked to determine the home range and behavior, as well as cause-specific mortality, of timber rattlesnakes on production forests in Randolph County, West Virginia. Mean home range sizes were 94.3 ha, males; 31.2 ha, nongravid females; 8.5 ha, gravid females; and 44.7 ha, among sex classes. Among sex classes, the mean daily movement rate was 20.2 mper day; the mean maximum known distances from den sites was 1110.2 m; the mean distance from den sites was 514.2 m; and the mean total distance moved was 2852.9 m. Mean active season for was 165.5 days, males; 171.0 days, females; and 167.3 days, among sex classes. Vehicles and mammalian predators each caused 17.6 % of total mortalities and avian predators caused 5.9% of total mortality. No rattlesnakes that died of vehicle-induced injuries were found on the road.