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Educational Leadership


College of Education

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Barbara L. Nicholson

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Michael L. Cunningham

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Rebecca H. Goodwin


The reputed benefits of using technology in schools have been the topic of many research studies. When the World Wide Workshop Foundation implemented their Globaloria program into a group of pilot public secondary schools in West Virginia in the fall of 2008, another opportunity for study was created. The perceptions of principals relating to: 1) the effect(s) of the Globaloria program on students‘ academic outcomes; 2) the purpose(s) of the program; 3) the principal‘s role in the program 4) the benefits; and/or 5) the liabilities of having the program in their schools were examined in this mixed-method study. Analysis of student data indicated that there was no statistically significant change in students‘ academic outcomes following the program‘s implementation, although data were available for only the year immediately prior to and the year immediately after their enrollment in Globaloria . Principals indicated that they believed the program had an overall positive effect upon students‘ academic outcomes, behavior and attendance. A majority of the participating principals also reported that they would like to continue the program in their schools. These findings were viewed through Lev Vygotsky‘s (1978) cultural-historical activity theory in order to generate conclusions and recommendations for further study.


Educational technology.

Information technology - Study and teaching.