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College of Liberal Arts

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Christopher LeGrow

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Stephen O’Keefe

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Paula Bickham


The Client’s Evaluation of Counselor Behavior Short Form (CECB-S) is a 33-question survey based on the factors of empathy, genuineness and unconditional positive regard. It was completed by the clients following every therapy session for a three-week period for a group of inexperienced counselors just starting their practicum, and a group of experienced counselors getting ready to leave their practicum. A factor analysis found that the CECB-S has 7 factors; Listening/Empathy Skills, Techniques, Goal Setting, Achievements, Availability, Counseling Action and Knowledge. To examine the validity of the survey, a MANOVA was also run to see if clients perceived differences between experienced and inexperienced counselors within all these factors. A significant difference was found on all but five of the questions when experience was examined, indicating that the survey was detecting a change in counselor experience. Other gender differences were examined to determine if the survey was measuring counselor performance.


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