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Doctor of Education


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Teresa Eagle

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Jack Yeager

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Judith Silver

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R. Jackson Haga


The purpose of this study was to examine levels of job satisfaction of female administrators at Christian church-related colleges and universities in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States by examining differences based on the level of an institution's church-relatedness and the strictness of sponsoring church doctrine. This was a quantitative, non-experimental study. The effects of additional variables on job satisfaction including age, length of service at an institution, length of service in a position of employment, and personal religious preference were also studied. The population for the study was all female administrators at Protestant Christian colleges in Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Data was obtained on 101 women through the Job Satisfaction Survey and an additional demographic survey created by the author. Results indicated that female administrators at Christian colleges related to conservative church denominations had higher levels of job satisfaction that their counterparts at colleges related to liberal denominations. Also, female administrators at Christian colleges with a close relationship to the sponsoring church were more satisfied than those women at colleges with only an historical relationship to the church. However, when controlling for religious preference, women were more satisfied at institutions with only an historical relationship to the church. Age and length of service were found to have no significant influence on job satisfaction among the respondents.


Church colleges - Administration.

Women college administrators - Job satisfaction.