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College of Fine Arts

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Roy Woods

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Stewart H. Smith

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A.E. Harris


Partial completion of a task undertaken will never enable the participant to secure the full joy that accomplishment will bring. For a child to start this trend in the early stages of his training may lead to a thwarted aim, as well as, muted ambitions or incomplete behavior patterns. It has been the discouraging role of principals and teachers to observe the regressive effects of non-attendance upon children in the public schools. They have seen pupils who were doing good work in schools start being absent, their work become of poorer quality, until it was apparent the child would be likely to fail. Coupled with this failure, or possible failure, was the loss of interest in the school itself as well as the subjects which were studied. Many times the child would be beyond appeal or revitalized interest. To any educator this condition presented a definite challenge.


School attendance - West Virginia.