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Biological Sciences


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Thomas K. Pauley

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Charles Somerville

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Dan Evans


Upland Chorus Frogs (Pseudacris f. feriarum) are a rare species in West Virginia. They occur in aquatic habitats across parts of the eastern and southern U.S. Pseudacris f. feriarum collection records in West Virginia suggest that their distribution is limited to the eastern panhandle and Ridge and Valley region where they are very rare and imperiled. Distribution information is needed for future management strategies. To help conserve this rare species, key life history habits were identified through the investigation of plant communities that are associated with them. Data on Pseudacris f. feriarum distribution in West Virginia was determined by conducting auditory surveys at historic sites as well as potential new sites in order to gain a better idea of where populations exist in the state. Vegetation analysis and water quality tests were conducted wherever Pseudacris f. feriarum were found. Similar data were also gathered from areas where Pseudacris c. crucifer (Northern Spring Peeper) were found so that these wetlands can be compared to wetlands where the Pseudacris f. feriarum were located. This comparison has shown the importance of plants associated with each Pseudacris species in its aquatic habitats. The result of this undertaking has been a clearer understanding of the distribution of Pseudacris f. feriarum and its association with wetland plants and Pseudacris c. crucifer. Spotted Turtles (Clemmys guttata) are a species of special concern in West Virginia. Trapping and haphazard searches were conducted during spring of 2007 and 2008 in order to learn more about the species distribution so that successful management strategies could be implemented. During this project historical sites were searched, as well as new potential habitat where found. The results were that only two turtles were found, both at Altona Marsh. It is very possible that this species now resides at only two or three locations in West Virginia.


Chrous frogs - West Virginia.

Chrous frogs - Ecology - West Virginia.

Clemmys guttata - Ecology - West Virginia.

Aquatic habitats - West Virginia.