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Joshua Hagen

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James Leonard

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Larry Jarrett


The housing situation in Makkah presents significant challenges for its residents and non-residents who visit the city. These problems include crowded housing, narrow streets, insufficient parking, and strained public servies. However, the government has taken some steps in improving conditions in the city by launching several projects to divide the land more evenly so that the population density will be reduced. The government also plans to provide more sources of waters, sewers, and electricity. The ultimate goal is to make Makkah and the holy city a place where it is comfortable to live without the impending fear of shortages of any type. The government is working hard to improve conditions so the city can accommodate its residents and those who come to visit. This thesis offers a critical spatial analysis of residential development in Makkah and the city government’s efforts to alleviate these problems.


Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Spatial Analysis (Statistics) - Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Residential development - Makkah Saudi Arabia.