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Curriculum and Instruction


College of Education

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Rudy D. Pauley

Second Advisor

Joanne C. Burgert

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Teresa R. Eagle

Fourth Advisor

Lisa A. Heaton


The purpose of this study was to determine how well the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford’s education program prepared teacher candidates in 14 domains identified through literature as essential components in an effective teacher education program. The results of this mixed-methods study will be used for future curriculum development and program alignment as well as supplement current forms of program evaluation. Qualitative information was collected through interviews of key participants in the development and growth of the education program at Pitt-Bradford. In addition, an intensive study was completed on artifacts and documents such as newspaper clippings, books published on local historic events, and the University magazine, Portraits. Quantitative data collection was obtained through survey responses based on 14 domains identified as essential components of effective teacher education programs. The research questions asked program completers to rate the level of importance and their level of preparedness on each of the 14 domains. Results indicated that Pitt-Bradford program completers agreed with the literature on the importance of the 14 domains necessary for an effective teacher education program. The study also indicated that Pitt-Bradford’s teacher education program only moderately prepares teacher education candidates. The ancillary data analysis did, however, indicate that program completers from 2003 or later rated their degree of preparedness at higher levels. This difference indicates that recent program changes have been effective in improving overall quality of the program.


Teachers - Training of.

Educational evaluation.