Monica Corbo

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Health and Physical Education


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First Advisor

T. Jeffery Chandler

Second Advisor

Steven Banks

Third Advisor

John Kiger

Fourth Advisor

R. Daniel Martin


The purpose of this study was to see if economic status of the region was related to a difference in Title IX compliance rates among schools. NCAA Division I-A and IAA schools were studied in non-Appalachian and Appalachian regions. The female and male ratings of students to student athletes were derived and compared according to three variables; (1) division, (2) region and (3) division x region. In order to be in compliance the overall female and male ratings should be similar. The outcome of the overall female and male ratings showed a significant difference, favoring males. Therefore, Title IX compliance is not being met. Division played a significant role in female and male ratings. Regional location, by economic status, was not significant. The effects of division and region combined did not play a significant role.


Sex discrimination in sports.

Sports - Law and legislation.

Sports for women - Law and legislation.