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Doctor of Education


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Lisa A. Heaton

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Thelma M. Isaacs

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Rudy Pauley


The role of the principal as documented in the literature is critical as the leader of change, the leader of technology reform, and the instructional leader of the school. In order to lead transformational change in technology, principals must be prepared to serve as the role model and hands-on user of technology. The NETS-A provide a framework for principals as they serve as the leaders for schools integrating technology into teaching and learning. This mixed methods study examined West Virginia principals’ perceptions of the importance of the NETS-A, their interest in professional development in the NETS-A, and the implementation of the NETS-A.

This study found that West Virginia principals rated the technology standards of high importance to the role of the principal as instructional leader in the school. In addition, the interest in professional development related to the NETS-A indicated a willingness and eagerness of West Virginia principals to build the capacity necessary to lead transformational change in technology implementation in schools. Further, the study provided a look at the implementation of the standards by principals identified as effective technology leaders.


School principals - Training of


Educational technology