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School Psychology


Graduate School of Education and Professional Development

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First Advisor

Fred Jay Krieg

Second Advisor

Sandra S. Stroebel

Third Advisor

Stephen O’Keefe


With the inception of No Child Left Behind many states are now requiring students to pass a statewide exam in order to be promoted to the next grade or to graduate from high school. Opponents of these tests argue that high stakes testing decreases graduation rates among these students. They also argue that the tests are biased and unfair for minority students, students of low socioeconomic status, and students with disabilities who often fail the tests. The graduation rates for twenty-nine Appalachian counties in Ohio, a state that requires students to pass the Ohio Graduation Test in order to graduate, and Appalachian West Virginia, which recently implemented the statewide WESTEST but does not use the test as a requirement for graduation, were examined to determine if high stakes testing had an effect on graduation rates. Results indicated that implementation of high stakes testing did not have a significant effect on graduation rates.


United States. No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.