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College of Liberal Arts

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Stephen O’Keefe


The purpose of this study was to learn more about how locus of control and stability affect academic achievement. Eighty-three eighth grade students at Cheat Lake and Westwood Middle Schools were given two questionnaires that took between thirty and forty-five minutes to complete. The study was conducted in a classroom environment during regular school hours. Both student assent and parental consent were collected. Confidentiality and voluntary participation were explained to all students. After the data from the questionnaires were obtained, comprehensive grade point averages and SAT 9 scores for each student from the previous year were collected. This GPA and SAT 9 data were compared to the scores obtained from the questionnaires. This study found that overall, internal students had higher GPA’s than external students; however, males who were neither stable nor unstable scored lower on SAT 9 scores and GPA’s regardless of whether they were categorized as internal or external.


Locus of control.

Academic achievement.