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Physical Science


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First Advisor

Ralph E. Oberly

Second Advisor

James O. Brumfield

Third Advisor

Anita Walz


There is a need for extensive surveys of living organisms at a global scale; digital data exchange and storage is an essential part of such studies. Biodiversity inventory of fungi, which play an essential role in the health of the mountainous conifer forests of a developing country – Kyrgyz Republic, was linked to the vegetation classification produced from the high-resolution satellite imagery. Terra ASTER and SRTM90 imagery was used as a base map for the ecosystem modeling of the species and habitat distribution and for the three-dimensional representation, especially valuable for the mountainous landscapes of the Ala Archa National Park. Image processing techniques with ER Mapper and ArcGIS/ArcInfo using ASTER bands and band ratios (NDVI, Brovey transform and 3/1, 4/3, 10/1) allowed distinguishing between vegetation community types and their complexes: mixed conifer and deciduous forests, dwarf juniper forests, cushion plants, shrublands, alpine grasslands, steppes, sagebrush semi-deserts, and complexes of grasslands and conifers.


Vegetation mapping - Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyz Republic National Park.