Megan Green

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College of Liberal Arts

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First Advisor

Marc Lindberg

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Pamela Mulder

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Marianna Footo-Linz


The purpose of this study was to examine relationships between depression, as measured by the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI-II) and attachment and related issues as measured by the Attachment and Clinical Issues Questionnaire (ACIQ). Individuals who had been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder in outpatient therapy and who indicated the presence of depressive symptoms on the BDI-II were compared to a control group comprised of individuals who had never engaged in therapy and who demonstrated minimal levels of depression as measured by the BDI-II. Therapy clients were assessed during the first two weeks of therapy. The experimental group demonstrated higher levels of pathology with regard to depressive symptoms, insecure attachments, and clinical issues. Significant correlations were found between scores on attachment scales and BDI-II scores, as well as between BDI-II scores and attachment- related clinical issue scales. Implications for clinical practice included the necessity of adopting a more comprehensive model of attachment, depression, and clinical issues.


Depression, Mental - Case studies.

Attachment behavior - Case studies.

Beck Depression Inventory-II.