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College of Liberal Arts

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Katharine Rodier

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Sherri Smith

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Janet Badia


Woman at War: How I Won My Battle Against Domestic Violence But Continue to Fight the War, is a depiction of my experience in an abusive relationship. The project presents the initial experiences that draw the victim to her future abuser, the forming of a bond between the couple, the feelings of fear and desperation that overwhelm and often paralyze the victim in the midst of abuse, and the final escape and eventual advocacy for other victims. While most of the project is presented as personal narrative, letters, journal entries, and lists appear in order to show the mindset of the victim at the time, and analytical pieces are interwoven which discuss other works and their significance to this project. This project is an attempt to both dispel stereotypes about victims of domestic violence (abused women are weak, poor, uneducated, and always bounce from abuser to abuser), and also to answer questions commonly asked by society: How did you get mixed up with a guy like that? Why did you stay so long? Why did you go back?


Family violence.