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Leadership Studies


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Teresa Eagle

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Michael Cunningham

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Rudy Pauley


This study examined the types of support received by National Board Certified Teachers, the importance of the support, and the relationship between receipt of support and achievement of certification by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Qualitative and quantitative methods of gathering data were used during this study. Six National Board Certified Teachers were interviewed by telephone and emergent category analysis was performed on these data to determine the types of support these teachers received. The results were used to create the survey for this study which was sent to a random sample of teachers who had completed the National Board certification process. This survey asked respondents to rank the importance of each support mechanism, whether they received the given type of support, whether they achieved certification, and respondents were asked to give demographic information. Each of the support mechanisms was perceived to be important by the respondents. Significance was found between achievement of certification and reading for content and collegial support. No significance was found for receipt of mentoring, financial support, proofreading, time release, family support, use of technology, time line, logistical information, and workshops. Ancillary findings included significance among types of support based on sex, race, years of experience, type of school district, and percentage of free and reduced lunch eligible students.


Teachers - Certification.