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John Young

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Mary Moore

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Art Stringer


Middle-aged Michael Coogan heads east on US Route 52 through the area known as "Creed County" (a combination of Mercer Co, WV and Bland Co, VA), returning home to "bury" his father, although the man has been in the ground for several months. After a near fatal accident, Michael sees historical markers often revealing two stories: the typical history and the "unknown" history—a description of a fateful event that occurred in or near the locale described. Upon learning of these second histories, he visualizes the events surrounding the unknown facts related to him on the "reverse" markers. These stories trigger memories of key events in his life. As he continues his trip down East 52 and Memory Lane (his and Creed County’s) progresses, he begins to realize just how awfully irreconcilable life is—that is, until he meets Old John (his Hitchhiker)…and the little deaf-mute girl (his Hope).


Coogan, Michael - Biography.

Life change events.

Roads - West Virginia.

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