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College of Liberal Arts

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Joshua Hagen

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James Leonard

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Larry Jarrett


This thesis considers the economic geography of location, distribution and spatial organization of activities across the earth by focusing on the aspects of international trade and development. This will be accomplished by examining the process of globalization within the Chilean wine industry. This research explores several themes: 1) Globalization as a process, including the effects such as interdependence and global brands; 2) The role of globalization in the development of the wine industry; and 3) Whether or not the development of the wine industry accounts for generally positive attitudes toward globalization in Chile. Data analysis includes an examination of how the globalization of the Chilean wine industry may be connected to changes in increase in total hectares planted, overall production and export volume. Analysis of these statistics is augmented by interviews with executives from five top vineyards in Chile. This thesis seeks to show the effects of globalization on the Chilean wine industry by examining the effect of increased exports and production, as well as analyzing personal interviews. This thesis also looks at the overall attitudes towards globalization from the Chilean wine industry. Overall the Chilean wine industry has a positive outlook on globalization.


Wine industry - Chile.