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Family and Consumer Sciences


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Susan Linnenkohl

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Robert Bickel

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Mary Kathryn Gould


Average Body Mass Index (BMI) and beverage intake were examined to determine if children who drank excessive amounts of beverages had a higher BMI than children who drank average amounts of beverages. Ninety-six WIC charts were reviewed. Average total fluid intake was 32.5 oz/day. For juice and total milk, the average intakes were 11.9 oz/day and 15.6 oz/day, respectively. The average intake of other drinks was 2.4 oz/day. Average BMI of children who drank excessive amounts and average amounts of total fluids was 16.143+1.60 and 16.457+1.90, respectively. No statistically significant differences were found between BMI and the consumption of total fluids, juice, milk, or other drinks. This study indicates excessive beverage intake is not related to obesity in children. WIC nutritionists and dietitians should continue encouraging juice and milk intake into a child's daily food plan, by using The Food Guide Pyramid for Young Children Ages 2-6 Years Old.


Obesity in children.

Children - Nutrition.