Toru Nishiura

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College of Liberal Arts

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Katharine Rodier

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Dolores Johnson

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John Young


Many characters who have various personalities app ear in Herman Melville’s White-Jacket . However, few critics have comprehensively examined the action and the characteristics of them in detail. In this thesis, I explore Melville’s depiction of the battleship world in this novel by clarifying the narrator ’s standard to judge ot her characters. In White-Jacket, the whole story is narrated by White-Jacket; therefore, the characteristics of his narrative clarify the theme of this novel. I start with an analysis of his narrative and examine whether he is a reliable narrator or not. Then, I explore the relationship between the battleship world and the characters. Moreover, I analyze the inclination of the narrator ’s description of the other characters and confirm Melville’s attitude in the narrator ’s description. Specifically, I exaxine Jack Chase and Ushant who resist the evils of the battleship world and clarify Melville’s skeptic alassertion toward the U.S. Navy in those days.


Melville, Herman -- 1819-1891 -- Characters.

Melville, Herman -- 1819-1891 -- White-jacket; or, The world in a man-of-war -- Characters.