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Doctor of Education


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Barbara L. Nicholson

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Lisa A. Heaton

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Luke Eric Lassiter

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Cynthia Kolsun


This research investigated admission criteria of baccalaureate nursing students related to their success in a multi-state sample of peer universities in the United States. The researcher used mixed methods to collect data that were analyzed using descriptive and phenomenological approaches. The sample of the study was chairpersons from peer institutions of nursing. Data were collected based on the lived experiences of the chairpersons. The purpose of the study was to identify admission criteria that the schools in the study were using and to identify the criteria that predicted success as defined by graduation. The premise of the study was that if more students could graduate, the nursing shortage that is predicted could be mitigated. The findings of the study revealed that it is most likely that a combination of admission criteria predict student success in baccalaureate nursing programs. This study found that the criteria likely to predict success were overall college grade point average, college science grade point average, perseverance, and hardiness.


Nursing students - United States.

Universities and colleges -- Admission.

Universities and colleges - Graduation rates.