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Athletic Training


College of Health Professions

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Suzanne Konz

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Gary McIlvain

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Zach Garrett


Objective: The purpose of the case study is to inform athletic trainers about complications with post-surgical athletes caused from the materials used during or after the surgery.

Background: A nineteen year old female collegiate cheerleader with previous left elbow injuries developed a rash post-surgery to repair the elbow’s instability.

Differential Diagnosis: The differential diagnosis for this athlete included a medial collateral ligament tear, ulnar neuritis, elbow subluxation and cubital tunnel narrowing.

Treatment: The athlete had been placed in a posterior splint for two weeks. The athlete noticed a red, itchy patch around each of the stiches which began to itch more over the course of the week. Benadryl® PO QID was prescribed. The athlete was prescribed prednisone when the rash did not resolve after 10 days of treatment with Benadryl®

Uniqueness: When reviewing the literature, there is a small allergic reaction incidence rate, three percent of the population, associated with the Dermabond™ Protape. During the ten days of determining the problem the athlete’s rehabilitation was slowed. The athlete’s arm was often swollen, itching, and painful. This created a challenge in trying to perform rehabilitation. Rehabilitation still needed to be performed so the athlete did not lose the progress made.

Conclusion: This case demonstrates the importance of the athletic trainer considering the multitude of sources involved with a rash or infection. This case also shows the challenges an athletic trainer must overcome in dealing with two separate on-going conditions.


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