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Biological Sciences


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Dan K. Evans

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Ronald Gain

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Michael Seidel


The Meadow River wetlands comprise the second largest wetland complex within the state of West Virginia, containing approximately 3131 acres (1392 ha) of swamp and wet meadow (Evans et al. 1982). Plant collecting within this complex as determined by available literature and herbarium specimens has been limited in the past and apparently dealt only with the wetlands near the head of Otter Creek. Grafton et al. (1982) conducted walk-through surveys in conjunction with a statewide wetland survey and the West Virginia Department of Highways performed a rather detailed vegetation analysis in the same area as part of an environmental impact statement prior to construction of Interstate 64. The present research is two fold, first to provide a checklist of the vascular plants of the entire wetland complex and second, to provide a vegetative analysis of six selected seep-springs within the complex. Quantitative studies were limited to these spring seeps because these areas were relatively undisturbed. Bryophytes were included in the seep-spring studies because of their abundance in the springs.


Botany - West Virginia - Meadow River Wetlands


Wetlands - West Virginia - Greenbrier County


Wetland flora - West Virginia - Greenbrier County