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College of Liberal Arts

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Tony Goudy

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Robert Rubenstein

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Elizabeth Kelley Boyles

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Stephen O'Keefe


This study is a comparison of Locus of Control as measured by the Internal Control Index (ICI) between adult subjects of high school education or less and adult subjects attending graduate school or of graduate school education or above. The study was conducted to determine if the Internal Control Index for the graduate level educated population was significantly different from that of the non-college-educated population. The Internal Control Index (ICI), by Patricia Duttweiler was used as the instrument for this study. A sample of 100 male and female subjects was used from the West Virginia and Ohio areas. Each participant received a questionnaire asking his or her age, gender, and education level. Also, a copy of the Internal Locus of Control index survey was distributed to each participant. There were 50 non college-educated subjects with a high school education or less and 50 graduate-level educated subjects with a graduate level education or higher participating in this study. The survey was self-administered and given on a volunteer basis. The results of this particular study indicated that there was a statistically significant difference in locus of control between subjects of high school education or less and graduate level education or higher.


Locus of control