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Educational Leadership


College of Education

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First Advisor

Teresa Eagle

Second Advisor

Eugenia Damron

Third Advisor

Corley Dennison, II

Fourth Advisor

Tammy Johnson


This study explored the public service announcements (PSAs) produced by institutions of higher education that competed in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s 2013-14 postseason football bowl games. Utilizing content analysis and survey results, the researcher examined the level of content distinction between and within institutional groups based on athletic conference, Carnegie classification, total student enrollment, and primary target audience. The researcher also investigated the role the PSAs played in marketing campaigns conducted by the institutions and the additional marketing strategies used in those campaigns. The analysis showed limited distinction between institutional groups and little to no distinction within groups. Further, the study revealed moderate use of marketing campaigns, with a wide range of marketing strategies utilized within them.


Advertising, Public service.

Mass media and education.