A new scorpion species, Euscorpius alanyaensis sp. n., is described based on specimens collected from the Taurus Mountains in Antalya Province (Alanya District) in southern Turkey. It is a sibling species of the recently described E. gocmeni Tropea et al., 2014, and similarly, the new species is also characterized by a high trichobothrial count (Pv = 9–11, et = 7, em = 4, and eb = 4), a high pectinal teeth count (Dp = 9–11 in males, 8 in females), medium-small size, and light to medium brown-reddish colour. In addition, for the first time a phylogenetic analysis (concatenated sequences of 16S rDNA and COI) is performed to reconstruct the relationships between E. gocmeni Tropea et al., 2014, E. koci Tropea et Yağmur, 2015, E. lycius Yağmur et al., 2013, E. avcii Tropea et al., 2012 from Turkey, and the new species herein described, E. alanyaensis sp. n.