Endoscopic diagnosis and management of chronic relapsing pancreatitis due to eroded embolization coils

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A 59-year-old man with alcohol-induced pancreatitis was referred due to dilated pancreatic duct and pancreatic mass. He had presented 9 years earlier with gastrointestinal bleeding secondary to hemosuccus pancreaticus, which was treated by interventional radiology-guided coil and glue application to the superior pancreatico-duodenal artery pseudoaneurysm. He had complained of postprandial upper abdominal pain and a 10-lb weight loss, and had experienced recurrent acute pancreatitis in the preceding 4 months. Contrast-enhanced computed tomography showed dilated pancreatic duct and multiple coils around the head of the pancreas, and extensive shadowing artifact precluded further evaluation.


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