Submissions from 2022


Youth throwing athletes do not show bilateral differences in medial elbow width or flexor tendon thickness, Rudolph M. Morrow, Gary McIlvain, Jenifer Johnson, and Mark Timmons

Submissions from 2009


Test–retest reliability of cardinal plane isokinetic hip torque and EMG, Tina L. Claiborne, Mark Timmons, and Danny M. Pincivero

Submissions from 2006


Quadriceps femoris electromyogram during concentric, isometric and eccentric phases of fatiguing dynamic knee extensions, Danny M. Pincivero, Varsha Gandhi, Mark Timmons, and Alan J. Coelho

Submissions from 2003


Scapular-Positioning Patterns During Humeral Elevation in Unimpaired Shoulders, Paul A. Borsa, Mark Timmons, and Eric L. Sauers