Bakhtin’s Dialogism and Language Interpretation

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In accordance with Bakhtin’s notion of dialogism, this essay aims to demonstrate that the linguistic aspect is just one element of communication, since any utterance is affected by other factors, such as context, background, mood, and point of view. Day argues that for the message to be transmitted accurately, the interpreter needs to be sensitive to the cultural context of the patient in order to provide not only a linguistic but also a cultural bridge between a provider and a patient who do not share a common worldview. Such dialogue is viewed as a “double-voiced discourse,” which contains two voices, two expressions, and two worldviews. Those are, however, “dialogically interrelated,” and affect one another; the role of the interpreter is to re-accentuate these verbal exchanges - to transfer the original meaning to a different language and culture.


This chapter is in The Art of Translation in Light of Bakhtin’s Re-accentuation. Ed. Slav Gratchev and Margarita Marinova. Bloomsbury Press, 2022, pp. 45-56. https://www.bloomsbury.com/us/art-of-translation-in-light-of-bakhtins-reaccentuation-9781501390234/

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