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Working in conjunction with AccuWeather, the world’s largest corporate supplier of weather information and images, AP is now making its sound archive available to schools (K–12) and public and academic libraries. AccuWeather’s mission is to supply copyright-cleared sound to subscribers for educational purposes over the internet, using an interface that is easily and intuitively understood by non-news professionals. The Associated Press (AP) formed in 1848 when six daily newspapers in New York City collaborated on the installation of a telegraphic relay to transmit foreign news brought by ships docking in the harbor. AP began adding audio content to its news services in the early 1940s. Leased wires delivered sound clips to radio stations throughout the country. Today, AP is providing digitized audio to radio stations via the internet. Along with the resulting efficiencies and cost effectiveness, news professionals, students and researchers now have random access to all current and archived news stories.


This article first appeared in the October 2000 issue of The Charleston Advisor and is reprinted with permission.

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