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After decades of living under oppressive dictatorships, the people of the Arab world are rising up against their countries' leadership. For over nine months now, we have been witnessing massive, large scale, and peaceful demonstrations spreading all over the Arab Middle Eastern countries. These mass civic demonstrations have been given many names, including the Arab Spring, Arab uprising, turmoil, tumult, chaos, Arab awakening, Arab revolution, revolt, etc. It is a reform movement on the march that was first started in Tunisia, which moved to Egypt, and then swept across the region to include Yemen, Bahrain, Libya and Syria. Activists in the rest of the Arab world such as Algeria, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco and Saudi Arabia, were also inspired by the revolts and calls for reform which had been sweeping the Arab world. Protesters and human rights groups from these countries congregate frequently at popular places and landmarks to protest against their regimes and call for political, economical and social reforms.


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