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Spring 5-1992


The primary objective of this research project was to form a model for the creation and implementation of library and information services for the Arab-American community in the United States.

The proposed model was based on a comprehensive review of the literature on model building, library and information services for American ethnic groups, and Arab-Americans. The proposed model included three main phases. Phase one dealt with assuring library administration commitment. Phase two discussed the preparation and the execution of the model elements. Phase three offered guidelines on evaluation and re-implementing the proposed model.

Elements considered essential to the proposed model were re-constructed in the form of a questionnaire. The questionnaire was pilot-tested by an informal panel to check the mechanical aspect of the questionnaire as well as to solicit comments about items that looked vague or confusing and to look for possible additions to the model. When results of the pilot-testing were received, the questionnaire was reconstructed and distributed to an informal panel of experts. This panel was made up of practitioners and writers in the field of library and information services to American multicultural communities. The experts were selected on the basis of their experience in the field, background, education, title, and position held. Each expert was asked to give his/her opinion on each statement of the questionnaire. The panel was also encouraged to offer comments and/or advice on each element of the questionnaire and on the model in general. The questionnaires received were analyzed. The majority of the panel agreed on the elements of the proposed model. The panel's comments and suggestions were very constructive. All the panel's comments and suggestions were incorporated in the conclusions and recommendations of this study.

The researcher concluded that such a model to serve the growing Arab-American community in the united states is essential. The proposed model should .be considered for adoption by any public library that has significant numbers of Arab-Americans in their service area.


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