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The Library of Appalachian Preaching is a collaboration between Dr. Robert Ellison, Associate Professor of English, and Prof. Larry Sheret, Scholarly Communication & Open Educational Resources Librarian. In this presentation, Prof. Sheret will discuss the ways that Marshall Digital Scholar is able to promote faculty research, careers and Marshall University’s mission by supporting scholarly communication. By way of illustration, he will provide a brief history of their collaboration. Dr. Ellison will then provide an overview of the Library itself and suggest ways the project can be used for community outreach and academic research.


Presented by the recipients of the 2020-2021 MU Distinguished Artists and Scholars Award (Team Recipient in All Fields):

  • Dr. Robert Ellison, Associate Professor in the Department of English
  • Prof. Larry Sheret, Professor in the Department of Digital, Technical, and Scholarly Communication Services

56 min and 37 sec in length.