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The Civil War diary of this Tennessee farm boy who was a soldier in the 41st Tennessee Infantry, CSA, is interesting for several reasons. It starts with his experiences in a POW camp a few months after his capture at Ft. Donelson, Tenn., in Feb. 1862. It relates the joy of being exchanged and returning to his unit. The remainder of the diary accounts his unit’s marching and skirmishing across Mississippi. He was a very detail-oriented person, and recorded the dates he mailed letters to his wife and the dates he received answers. As a lieutenant of his company, he also recorded in the small book transactions for food and supplies. It truly relates what he experienced as “the daily drudgery of soldiering.” Robert Thompson survived the Civil War, and returned home to his “Wild Rose” farm in Marshall County, Tenn. Each scanned page of the diary is faced by a verbatim transcription that has been annotated. It is best viewed in a “two page view” in Adobe Reader.


Edited and annotated by Jack L. Dickinson, CMH.