Sections of the Generating Series of a Solution to a Difference Equation in a Simplicial Cone

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We consider a multidimensional difference equation in a simplicial lattice cone with coefficients from a field of characteristic zero and sections of a generating series of a solution to the Cauchy problem for such equations. We use properties of the shift and projection operators on the integer lattice Z 𝑛 to find a recurrence relation (difference equation with polynomial coefficients) for the section of the generating series. This formula allows us to find a generating series of a solution to the Cauchy problem in the lattice cone through a generating series of its initial data and a right-side function of the difference equation. We derived an integral representation for sections of the holomorphic function, whose coefficients satisfy the difference equation with complex coefficients. Finally, we propose a system of differential equations for sections that represent D-finite functions of two complex variables.


Published by Irkutsk State University.