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Creating time for research is important, yet difficult. Creating large blocks of dedicated research time is nearly impossible. It is critical, therefore, that the institution encourages all levels to work in a coordinated effort to assist faculty in accessing those precious minutes and smaller blocks of time. At the departmental level the Management and Marketing Division conducts a Research and Teaching (R&T) Forum six to eight times per academic year. The forum allows the division’s 28 faculty members to brainstorm, find areas of similar interests, combine research efforts, and present a “test run” before submission to a journal or conference. This team approach saves a great deal of time for research in that two heads, or 28 as the case may be, are always better than one. Strengths and limitations of the presented material are discussed, other branches of potential research streams are noted, and personal “tips” are shared in the supportive atmosphere. Co-authored projects are encouraged among persons in the same discipline and across disciplines and subdisciplines.


This article first appeared in the June 2004 issue of CUR Quarterly, the member magazine of the Council on Undergraduate Research, and is reprinted with permission.

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