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Big Data has been considered as an effective tool to reduce healthcare costs by eliminating adverse events and reducing readmissions in hospitals. The purpose of this study was to examine the emergence of Big Data in the United Sates healthcare industry, to evaluate hospital’s ability to effectively make use of complex information, and to predict the potential benefits hospitals might realize if they are successful. The findings of the research suggest that there were a number of benefits expected by hospitals when using Big Data analytics, including cost savings and business intelligence. In addition, hospitals have recognized that there have been challenges including lack of experience and cost of developing the analytics. Many hospitals will need to invest the expense of acquiring adequate personnel with experience in Big Data analytics and data integration. The findings of this study suggest that the adoption, implementation, and utilization of Big Data technology will have a profound positive impact among healthcare providers.


RACK: HEALTH INFORMATICS. This conference paper and slide presentation were presented at BHAA, Division of MBAA International, at the 2016 meeting in Chicago, IL. The presentation slides are provided as a supplemental file and may be cited as: Schaeffer, C., Haque, A., Booton, L. & Coustasse, A. (2016, April). “Big Data Management in United States Hospitals: Benefits and Barriers.” PowerPoint presentation at the Business and Health Administration Association Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.

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