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Fall 11-10-2017


PURPOSE: The purpose of this research was to examine the causes and consequences of Burnout Syndrome among RNs in U.S. hospitals to identify solutions to this problem.

METHODS: The methodology was the review of the literature and a semi-structured interview. There were seven primary databases and two websites used in this research, and 35 articles were used for this literature review.

RESULTS: Causes and risk factors of burnout syndrome among RNs have been categorized into four major areas: individual, management, organizational, and work characteristics. Burnout syndrome rate among RNs with age under 30 years was 43.6% higher than RNs over 30 was 37.5%. It was found a clear relationship between high patient to nurse ratio to burnout syndrome. The consequences of burnout syndrome were increased turnover rates, poor job performance, and treat patient’s safety.

DISCUSSION/CONCLUSION: Burnout syndrome in hospitals among RNs has been a phenomenon prevailed worldwide and an alarming issue that has negatively impacted the quality of care, safety of patients, and contributed to the RN shortage in the healthcare industry.


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