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Spring 4-2018


Introduction: Burnout among Registered Nurses has been a great concern within the U.S. healthcare system and has been reported in many hospitals. Nurse Burnout has been defined as a chronic response to work-related stress comprising three components or dimensions: emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and personal accomplishment. The purpose of this research was to analyze the nurse-to-patient ratio to determine how it affects the psychological, mental, emotional health and the nurse overall productivity in the workplace.

Methodology: The methodology was a review of literatures and a semi-structured interview. There were four primary databases and one website used in this research, and 31 articles were consulted for this literature review.

Results: Study on Psychological, Mental, and Emotional Health and Nurse Productivity in Burnout Syndrome Regarding Nurse-to-Patient Ratio

Discussion: The expert’s observed causes for nurse dissatisfaction in their position and general fatigue were attributed to mismanagement of personnel and resources, lack of follow through, extended shifts and stretched personal requirements all of which lead to feelings of burnout.

Conclusion: The nurse-patient ratio is a direct determinate of the effects of psychological, mental, emotional health and nurse productivity in the workplace which also determines the patients’ overall health.


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