Pharmacists Have Delivered During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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US deaths from COVID-19 have now exceeded more than 550,000 as of this writing. As a result of this pandemic, we have seen a faster progression in how health care is being delivered and who delivers it. Some of these changes have been a result of emergency orders by the federal or state governments. Pharmacists lead the charge in delivering health care services in various settings throughout this pandemic. Health system pharmacists have managed numerous drug shortages emerging throughout the pandemic, evaluated and often used novel therapies for patients hospitalized for COVID-19, and changed workflow to secure and preserve valuable personal protective equipment (PPE). Community pharmacists have increased the accessibility of medications by delivering medications and supplies, implemented curbside pickup, increased the use of telehealth services, and have taken lead roles in administering COVID-19 testing and the great task of vaccination. Infection preventionists (IPs) have always had a good handle of the operations of pharmacy inside of the hospital setting. As the pandemic evolved, IPs have had to step outside of the hospital to provide guidance to local health departments, school districts and businesses. Getting to know the local pharmacists—in fact developing a professional rapport with those pharmacists—should be on an IP’s to-do list. Also, IPs should know the story of how community pharmacists’ roles have evolved because of COVID-19.


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