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Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDHPs) have been identified as a high-deductible insurance option that has increased consumer responsibility while healthcare expenditures have decreased. There has been an increasing need of these plans because they can help to control healthcare costs, and the increasing healthcare utilization. As the use of these plans have expanded, educated consumers have become more engaged in their healthcare services and have increased demands for transparency of healthcare costs. The methodology for this study was a literature review using 36 sources. The purpose of this study was to determine if CDHPs have created financial savings by increasing transparency of healthcare cost and decreasing moral hazard. This review suggested that consumers of CDHPs to be at a greater risk of moral hazard, yet participants still utilized healthcare in times of necessity. The utilization of CDHPs can both alter consumer’s utilization of healthcare services and decrease cost to the consumer while increasing cost transparency. By focusing on cost, price transparency, it was study found that participants were more educated users of their healthcare insurance and on average spent less money than participants in other models of healthcare such as Preferred Provider Organizations or Health Maintenance Organizations.


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