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Summer 2021


The paper presents the position that in times of Black Swan or other unforeseen or unprecedented events the path to survival is not the sole function of the company’s strategy. While much has been written about the need for companies to alter or adapt their strategies in face of such events, doing so is easier said than done. In fact, strategy is foundational and a function of and subject to the capabilities of the company. That there is no real strategy or strategy altering approach for preparing for a Black Swan like event.

The paper provides insights and alternative view of how best companies can survive, and even prosper in the face of such events. Rather, it is the company’s ability to reconfigure its capabilities and resources. Utilizing the lenses of Dynamic Capabilities, Ambidexterity and Corporate Foresight, the paper posits that when these orientations are taken in combination, provide a company a robust approach for managing the path forward. The paper presents the position that failing to focus on these orientations will result in the company’s inability to works its way through the event and remain ‘stuck on the pond’ with all the swans.


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