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The World Health Organization [2019] defined burnout as a syndrome caused by chronic job stressors that are not successfully managed, characterized by exhaustion, depersonalization, job detachment, and feelings of inadequacy (WHO, 2019). According to Murthy [2022], the nursing burnout crisis was underway before COVID-19. Nurse burnout recognized pre-COVID-19 was due to systemic organizational problems such as inadequate organizational support and underinvestment in public health (Murthy, 2022).

A 2022 survey of 2500 nurses exhibited increased rates of burnout during the pandemic, with 75% of respondents experiencing burnout, while 65% of those surveyed expressed their desire to leave the healthcare field (Johnson, 2022). Additional research demonstrated that nearly one-third of nurses surveyed claimed they would leave their jobs by the end of 2022, 44% of which cited burnout and high stress as the primary reason for leaving employment (Landi, 2022).


Presented at the Appalachian Research in Business Symposium at Radford University in Radford, Virginia, March 30-31, 2023.