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This study aims to explore the impact of big data utilization on quality improvement in inpatient facilities, specifically assessing its influence on readmission rates, patient outcomes, and potential cost savings. This study utilized mixed methodologies with a literature review complemented by semi-structured interviews to gain perspectives about big data utilization on quality improvement in inpatient facilities. The Marshall University Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved the interview. This study’s conceptual framework (Figure 1) was adapted from the research framework of Yao, Chu, and Li (Yao et al., 2010). The framework displays the reasoning of and approach to big data and machine learning for improving healthcare quality, specifically readmission rates and patient outcomes.


The proceedings are available at Proceedings-of-the-Appalachian-Research-in-Business-Symposium-2024-Marshall-Final.pdf. Copyright 2024 The Authors. All rights reserved.