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Healthcare disparities in rural areas remain significant in the U.S. healthcare industry. Uncompensated care makes healthcare disparities in rural areas worse and rural hospitals are unfavorably positioned to compete with urban hospitals in the economic downturn marketplace. How uncompensated care affects quality care among rural hospitals has been lightly investigated. As many rural residents experience difficulty accessing high quality care and the importance of establishing quality care practice standards in a rural setting, we conducted a systematic literature review to identify some quality care barriers and opportunities, suggested strategies to strengthen the position of rural hospitals in response to uncompensated care.


A conference presentation given at the 46th MBAA International Annual Conference.

The slide presentation that accompanied the paper is included as a supplemental file. The recommended citation for the slide presentation is Lee, D., Dixon, C., Kruszynski, P. & Coustasse, A. (2010, March). Is uncompensated care affecting quality assurance of rural hospitals? [Presentation slides]. The 46th Annual MBAA International Conference, Chicago, IL

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