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Medical tourism has evolved from traveling to the United States (U.S.) and a select few other countries, such as India and Thailand, to a global trend in affordable alternative healthcare. Medical tourism in the U.S. and in other countries has evolved because of cost and lengthy waiting periods. Some insurance companies are marketing kidney transplants and joint replacements through medical choice programs in order to save overall expense. As an economical approach to controlling rising health care costs in the U.S., medical tourism is becoming a valid alternative.


The slide presentation that accompanied the conference paper is included as a supplemental file. The recommended citation for the slide presentation is Conley, D., Willis, W., & Coustasse, A. (2013, February). Medical tourism: An economically beneficial healthcare option [Presentation slides]. Business and Health Administration Association Annual Conference 2013, at the 49th Annual Midwest Business Administration International Conference, Chicago, IL.

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