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George M. Yousef MD Julia Poe BA Cameron Killmer BS Basel Edris MD Jason Mader DO Ellen A. Thompson MD Daniel Snavely MD Silvestre Cansino MD Joseph I. Shapiro MD Mark A. Studeny MD




Introduction:Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) is a relatively new strategy for replacing the aortic valve. We elected to review our early experience to see if we could identify clinical characteristics at baseline or immediately following the procedure that would predict death within one year.

Methods:Charts for all patients assigned to receive TAVR procedure at St Mary’s medical center, Huntington, West Virginia between April, 2013 till November, 2016 were identified and reviewed. A total of seventy-two (72) cases were included.

Results: All cause mortality rate at index hospitalization, 30 days, and 12 months was 5.6%(N=4), 6.9%(N=5), 19.4%(N=14) respectively. Stroke rate at index hospitalization, 30 days, and 12 months was 2.8%(N=2), 2.8%(N=2), 8.3%(N=6) respectively. Major predictors of death were post procedure GFR, Contrast volume, and number of antiplatelet agents therapy (AUC= 0.638, 0.632, 0.637 respectively).

Conclusion: We found that post procedure GFR, less number of antiplatelet agents post procedure, and contrast volume may predict mortality within first 12 months post TAVR. Further studies focused on the above factors may be warranted.

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